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      This year I ventured away from only photographing weddings! Although weddings will always be my priority, two projects really kicked off that I started in the spring of 2018.

      One was to help entrepreneurs and small businesses with their branding photography for websites and Instagram. This is known as Personal Brand Photography in the industry and the need for images has increased a lot. Many small business and creatives are in need or images for their website, Instagram and Facebook feeds and online shops. The idea is that images really strengthen a brand. Many creatives are not photographers, or simply don’t have the time to take a ton of images. I have created a solution whereby a 1-2 hour photoshoot will provide enough images for a months’ social media content, online shops and websites. You can see some examples below.

      Mia Moss from Moss Keramik. Mia hosts pottery workshops and creates beautiful and unique ceramics in her Berlin studio.

      The Garden State Candles Berlin

      Maya from Garden State Candles. She creates wonderful soy wax candles that smell A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!

      The Garden State Candles

      Lifestyle Photography Berlin

      Rudy Saya Jewellery

      Rudy Saya from Rudy Saya Jewellery. Find him on the Berlin markets again with new designs next summer! His designs contain many rocks and minerals and therefor each piece is unique.

      Rudy Saya Handmade Jewellery

      Rudy Saya

      Jorinde Art

      Jorinde from Jorinde Olling. Jorinde is an inspirational painter who explores intuitively in painting and art. She also hosts workshops to release your inner artist!

      Jorinde Art Paintings

      Jorinde Art Painting Workshops Berlin

      Another project I started thanks to the advise of my good friend and hospitality expert Panos, was that I started with the Airbnb Experiences. These Experiences are relatively new and are a great way to explore something different in the city or country you are visiting! When people book an Airbnb, the Experiences will be shown on the Airbnb website to book. I love some of the other Experiences offered in Berlin as well and I will surely book some even in my own city!

      The first thing I thought of, was to teach guests photography! And so I started the Capture East Berlin Experience. During this workshop I teach people how to use the camera in manual settings whilst walking through East Berlin. I have hosted beginners and experienced photographers who just love the hidden corners and graffiti on the streets. After a short 15-20 explanation of the camera settings, I move to a full hands-on approach whereby people simply start taking images. Soon they realise how to alter the exposures and start playing with different compositions and styles.

      AirBnB Experience Photography Class Berlin

      Then I thought it might also be nice to capture guest in Berlin as a souvenir shoot. I named this Airbnb experience the Paparazzi Tour! This Experience became extremely popular overnight! 

      What I love the most about this Experience is that up to 10 people can join. Often solo travellers sign up so they have some great images of themselves on holiday. But the best thing is that we, as a group meet so many people from different backgrounds and cultures. By the end of the tour we often hang out afterwards for a drink or grab some lunch. It really brings people together.

      Hosting these tours have enriched my live this year extremely! The world becomes a smaller place and I have visited guests in their home country since. Also people who live in Berlin or who want to move to Berlin have signed up, making it even easier to meet for a coffee or a drink again. As I originally studied tourism, combining photography with Airbnb Experiences really feels like a full circle.

      AirBnB Experience Paparazzi Tour Berlin

      Paparazzi Tour Berlin

      AirBnB Experience Tour Berlin

      Photography Tourism Berlin

      Photography Tours Berlin

      Photography Workshop Berlin

      Fotografie Berlin Airbnb Experience

      Fotografie Berlin

      And then the winter arrived in Berlin! What to do next… The Experiences became weather dependent and sometimes there was rain or it was simply too cold to spend 2-3 hours outside. As I have always loved working with textiles, wool and yarn, I decided I would start hosting workshops at home! I created a Macramé and Knit Your Own Scarf workshop which are now running this winter. From these two workshops the Macramé workshop is hugely popular. Recently a full hen party signed up to participate and it feels like another full circle, back to weddings!

      AirBnB Experience Macrame Class Berlin

      I would like to thank each person that has booked me this year! Be it for their wedding, a tour or a product or branding photoshoot! I have learned so much again! And I have met so many beautiful souls! For me a the end of the day this is what it is all about 🙂 

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