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      A very dear and good friend had asked me if I would photograph her family, in natural surroundings on a pretty ordinary day. It was a birthday gift to her mother. Up for anything new I agreed and we headed out to Wicklow last weekend to take some pictures!

      Upon arrival there was coffee and this lovely home-baked cake waiting for us! Spoiled to the max!

      The family had recently adopted two dachshund puppies from Gibraltar, Coco and Pip! They were the centre of attention and who can blame them! Aren’t they adorable???

      After the coffee we headed to the garden which was amazingly beautiful! I was shown some images how the land had looked before they arrived some years ago. There was just a field, no house, no trees! They have transformed these grounds into an oasis of tranquility!

      The greenhouse was filled with grapes, tomatoes and other homegrown foods!

      Under the trees we found lots of pine cones and gorgeous toadstools! This time of year is so beautiful.

      Then it was time to check if the chickens laid any eggs. The ladies were super curious about the camera!

      And just when you think you’ve seen all the animals, we were greeted by some Shetland ponies in a neighbouring field. All ¬†these ponies are rescued and living the good live over here!

      Back at the house we took some interior shots and captured day to day work.

      Coming home I felt super inspired. What a wonderful family! And what a nice thought to capture an ordinary day on camera! I’d love to capture my own family sometime in a similar fashion. It made me realise we don’t always see these moments as we are so used to them, within the space of our own homes. But these ordinary moments make us really who we are.

      Thank you for welcoming me with open arms into your home and family for the day! It was a pleasure!

      I love this! Those ponies!!!!!!

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